Worcester Greenstar Comfort 2 Controller


Featuring all the benefits of the Greenstar Comfort I this control includes 6 adjustable heating temperatures and a backlit display.

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The Worcester Bosch Greenstar Comfort II combines a programmer, that is usually plugged into the boiler, and a room thermostat so you can access to all control functions at a single, easily accessible location.

The control’s functions, allows you to set 6 adjustable heating temperatures per day, can be accessed through a simple menu structure with a minimal amount of steps.


  • Change the temperature at six points over a 24 hour period
  • Three adjustable hot water time periods
  • Programme and control heating and hot water at the room thermostat
  • Easy menu navigation
  • 6 adjustable heating temperatures per day
  • Boiler can be programmed from the room thermostat rather than on the boiler

Price includes installation and reduced rate VAT at 5%.

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Worcester Bosch


Greenstar Comfort 1 Greenstar Comfort 2 Bosch EasyControl
Efficiency uplift +3% +3% +4%/+5%*
Internet Connected No No Yes
Room Thermostat Yes Yes Yes
Wall Mounted Yes Yes Yes
Boiler Mounted No No No
Weather Compensation No No Yes

*With a minimum of three Smart TRVs, or 4% without Bosch TRVs



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